Founding Director

Bingheng LU
Bingheng LU

Founding Director, Chief Engineer, NIIAM

Chairman, National Institute Corporation of Additive Manufacturing, Xi'an

Professor Lu is the leading scientist in the field of machinery manufacturing and automation.  He is a pioneer researcher in additive manufacturing, micro/nano-fabrication, bio-fabrication, high-speed cutting machines, and many other advanced manufacturing technologies. He has developed the opto-electro-mechanical integration system and associated materials for rapid prototyping manufacturing, and proposed advanced method for fast product development and improving industrial productivity.  In the field of micro/nano-fabrication, he is the first scientist who proposed nano-imprinting technology in China.  He also made a breakthrough in the field of customized artificial bone and bioactive artificial bone, which are currently in the cycle of clinical trial. He holds dozens of patents in manufacturing equipments and process.

Professor Lu has been in charge of dozens of projects, including additive manufacturing program from Chinese Academy of Engineering, NSFC major research plan on nano-fabrication, national key scientific instruments, strategic emerging industries - advanced equipment manufacturing, etc.

Professor Lu has received numerous major awards and honors including the Second Class National Science and Technology Progress Award, the Second Class State Technological Invention Award, National “May 1” Labor Medal, Chiang Chen Technology Achievement Awards, etc.

Professor Lu is a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE);  a professor of Xi’an Jiaotong University; Director of National Engineering Research Center of Rapid Manufacturing; Director of 2011 High-end Manufacturing Equipment Collaborative Innovation Center;Committee Chair of National Additive Manufacturing Standardization; Member of National Natural Science Fund Advisory Committee; Director of National Engineering Research Center of Rapid Manufacturing; the Convener of the Department of Mechanical Disciplines, State Council Degree Committee.