Leading Expert

Lijuan ZHANG
Lijuan ZHANG

Senoir Consultant

Dr. Lijuan Zhang joined NIIAM in May 2017 as a senoir consultant,she gives valuable advices and suggestions on project applications, national and international collaborations, research projects management and postgraduate students supervision. Dr Zhang’s expertise includes high temperature alloy development, additive manufacturing materials and processes, corrosion resistant alloys welding and AM technology development, such as electron-beam and other high energy arc AM.

Prior to NIIAM, Dr Zhang spent over 20 years in the UK studying and working in the universities and research institute. She obtained her PhD in the Department of Materials in the University of Oxford in 2003 before joining the Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre in the University of Cambridge. She also worked for TWI (The Welding Institute) between 2007 and 2011.  Dr Zhang led and managed over 30 governmental projects including UK EPSRC, European FP07, Chinese 863, and industrial sponsored projects such as RR and other well-known companies.

Currently the total projects value Dr Zhang hosting is 1,100 million (RMB) approximately, ranging from large scale WAAM of metallic parts, hybrid AM and SM process, Electron beam powder bed AM equipment development, to the AM processes of novel alloys and their composites. She has authored over 60 journal articles and technical reports, and more than 10 patents granted.

Dr Zhang has also been appointed as a visiting research fellow in the University of Cambridge, Visiting Professor of the New Materials Centre in Shanghai University, Foreign Materials Expert of Bao Steel, Member of TWI, CEng of UK Engineer Council.