• Manufacturing Services

    Manufacturing Services

    NIIAM features a 129167 square-foot, is equipped with a unique blend of various types of over 60 state-of-the-art additive manufacturing and post processing equipments and facilities to perform fundamental research, printing, post-processing enabling companies of all sizes to gain easy, affordable, and timely access to an infrastructure, scanning, modeling, simulation and analytical, printing technologies
  • Testing Services

    Testing Services

    Using the latest testing methods and well-equipped laboratories, developing specific testing plans according to the material or risk associated with the system or its specifically required functions under certain impacts to ensure fault-free functionality and to provide proof for conformance with standards and requirements of 3rd party organizations and authorities.
  • Pilot Scale Manufacturing

    Pilot Scale Manufacturing

    A number of R&D Pilot Scale Manufacturing Lines established, meeting the needs of a lab to pilot production scale up, supporting independent R&D projects, national science research projects, and enterprise commissioned projects
  • Education & Training

    Education & Training

    Talents are the driving force of innovation. It is worth the efforts to grow qualified workforce capable of designing, specifying, making, and supporting additive manufactured products, almost as important as advancing and improving the technology. We are working to make it happen.