Education & Training
Education & Training
Talents are the driving force of innovation. It is worth the efforts to grow qualified workforce capable of designing, specifying, making, and supporting additive manufactured products, almost as important as advancing and improving the technology. We are working to make it happen.
  • For Skilled Workers

    We provide training programs for teachers in vocational schools and technicians in industrial companies. These training programs mainly involve in data acquisition (positive), reverse design, printing equipment operation, the product post-processing. Courses are customized for different industries and different customer requirements......

  • For College Students

    To meet uprising demand of high-level technical and management talents in AM industry, we work together with Xi’an Jiaotong University engaging in undergraduate, graduate, doctorial education(planning)programs. These programs aim at developping open-minded high level talents with cutting-edge AM industry knowledge and international perspectives......

  • For Professionals

    We prepared a systematic course of intelligent manufacturing, AM, space and aviation, rapid prototyping, electronics, biological medicine, sales marketing, strategy management etc. by collaborating with professors, researchers, experts from renowned academic institutions home and abroad and dominant industry players......

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