Partnership With Us
Partnership With Us
NIIAM partners with companies, institutes, non-profit organizations and governments home and abroad in many ways at different levels in research and development, education and training, regulation and procedures, marketing and promotion, consultancies etc.
  • Research and Development

    NIIAM has a broad network of industrial companies and institutes with whom to jointly initiate additive manufacturing R&D projects or to participate in projects developed by governments or non-profit organizations home and abroad.

  • Education and Training

    NIIAM has a range of education and training courses, we are looking for prestigious researchers and scholars, esteemed education organizations in AM research and application field to join us with our mission to grow up a qualified workforce for the industry.

  • Marketing and Promotion

    NIIAM organizes International Additive Manufacturing Expo(IAME)every year , it brings together international experts from academia, industry and government to share latest development in additive manufacturing technologies, applications, policies, etc. It provides an opportunity for technical exchange, as well as for improving understanding of additive manufacturing, promoting additive manufacturing innovations and applications.

  • Regulations and Procedures

    NIIAM works actively on the standardizations and regulations internationally and domestically and interacts closely with SAC, ASTM, and ISO. We have promoted several proposals on standardizations. Together with us, we can make a difference in this industry.

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