Printhead of Micro Jet 3D Printers
Update date:2018-10-24  author:NIIAM  Browsing volume:971

This project focuses on research of temperature field auxiliary piezoelectric printhead used for droplets spray additive manufacturing technology, in special, to develop print head for polymer materials, to provide common technology support and key components for polymer molding, sand mold casting, and three-dimensional electronic devices etc.


The project will develop piezoelectric droplet spray printhead system with high performance and features as follows:

  • High frequency continuous operation

  • Permits high viscosity jetting fluids

  • Multi-ink compatibility

  • Robust design and high speed operation

  • Single head can be easily configured to make a print bar of any width

  • Optional temperature control

Key technologies:

The key challenge this project is to know fluid-structure coupling characteristics of fluid inside the piezoelectric driven micro cavity and obtain controlling method and injection mechanism of the fluid.

  • Optimization design method of printhead structure

  • Printhead MEMS structure manufacturing and integration

  • Printhead driven and control 

  • Precise control of droplets injection of printhead

  • Printhead performance assessment

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