Wire-Based Metal Additive Manufacturing
Update date:2018-10-24  author:NIIAM  Browsing volume:1332

With the rising demand of lowering manufacturing cost while retaining or even improving reliability increasing in aerospace and related industries, wire-based additive manufacturing using arc, laser or electronic beam as heating source to deposit the metal wire shows comparatively appealing advantages in both efficiency and economy, especially in manufacturing large metal parts.

NIIAM now is working on wire welding additive manufacturing technology for large metal parts for aerospace industry. Our work involves manufacturing process, dynamic process feedback and compensation mechanism. With a combination of the traditional CNC manufacturing technology and additive manufacturing, the project intends to develop a series of additive and subtractive hybrid manufacturing equipments for different materials like aluminum alloy, titanium alloy , high strength steel, Superalloy, composite materials etc. The corresponding materials and software will also be developed at the same time.So far, we have printed materials including aluminum, steels, Ti based, Inconel, as shown below, it demonstrates a unique feature of hammering-temperature control. 

If you want to learn more about or involve in those projects, please contact Dr. Xuewei FANG at fangxuewei@niiam.cn.