General Manager

Jiyuan ZHAO
Jiyuan ZHAO

Deputy Chief Engineer, NIIAM

General Manager, National Institute Corporation of Additive Manufacturing,Xi'an

Dr. Jiyuan Zhao joined National Institute Corporation of Additive Manufacturing, Xian (NICAM) with over 20 years of extensive technology research and management experience. He is the chief coordinator of establishment of NICAM and of NIIAM. He was appointed as the general manager of NICAM and deputy chief engineer of NIIAM on October, 2016.  

Before joining NIIAM, Dr. Zhao held senior manager positions in Siemens, Invensys, Deutsche Bahn AG, responsible for quality, production and process optimization, projects, engineering, and signals security engineering as well as operation management etc. He has worked for Insigma, a Chinese public-listed company. In his previous work, he was deeply involved in the software’s development of passenger information system, start indicator, automatic ticketing system and settlement system in China.

Dr. Zhao's research interests focus on equipment status monitoring, diagnosis and prediction, short-time Fourier transform, wavelet transform and independent component analysis, clustering analysis and neural networks, data mining, data such as digital signal processing technology and pattern recognition technology and its application in engineering.

He holds a Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering from Xi’an Jiaotong University. He is PI professor of High-end Manufacturing Equipments Collaborative Innovation Center, a Member of Institution of Railway Signal Engineering.